Friday, 2 April 2010

Mother's day Gift Tags

This is one of the reasons I didn't post much in March, these are a few of the 180 (yup I did say 180) gift tags I made (with Ben's help) for my son's school.

Each year the PTA buys some gifts for under a pound, wraps them & gets the children to buy a Mother's Day gift (for a pound). The children love choosing it all by themselves, & of course they need a gift tag, hense the silly number of tags I made!

Ben & I had a little production line going, Punching, inking, & sticking the flowers & a little glitter glue at the end. They covered the entire dining table! Good fun though.

Later on I'll be doing the same number of Father's Day cards (must be nuts), if anyone has any ideas for (very) quick tags I'd be eternally grateful!! lol

Happy Crafting!

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