Monday, 3 August 2009

Owl teachers' Gifts

You might have noticed these items are very similar to the Forest Friends set I did, well I did these first! I didn't have the Forest Friends stamp set when I needed to do the teacher gifts & I got this owl stamp free with a magazine.

I had 9 teachers & assistants plus the 2 office receptionists & the headmaster to make for so it was quite a challenge. I did presents for everyone because I'm currently co-chair of the Friends Committee so I guess I have had more to do with them than most Mums.

I did 10 bookmarks, 10 fridge magnets, wrapped 12 chocolate bars , 12 cards, 10 gift bags & a note block, phew! I hope everyone loved them, my son Ben certainly enjoyed giving them all out!

Next year won't be such a challenge as he'll only have one teacher & maybe a couple of assistants.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for next year, it'll come round sooner than you think!


stampin abi said...

love the owl!

Lisa said...

Lovely colour combination and simple design.I particulary like the gift bag. As one of my old friends says "less is more". Looks great! I also like the way you used the watercolour vine. (Hmm think I may have to add that one to my wish list)