Thursday, 29 October 2009

Busy Bee

I'm very sorry I haven't posted for a little while, but I've been a very busy bee with next month's workshop. Everyone should go away with at least 6 cards, and some bits & pieces to make some more! I'm nearly done so I can now concentrate on doing my cards & gifts for this year, & doing a bit more blogging!

It's also half term, so I've been spending some quality time with my lovely lad, Ben. We've been clearing out his bedroom to make room for Christmas. I didn't realise he had so many toys until we had to go through the lot to see what he wanted to keep, sell etc! We've also had a couple of his friends round & we all made some pumpkin fridge magnets & decorated some chocolate coins for Halloween. I love getting children to be creative & they're so proud of their efforts!

I've also done a big tidy up of the house as I've let my Hubby & son get away with too much lately. My other half is now complaining he can't sit still just in case I dust him! ;) I know it won't last, but I can try once in a while.

Anyway, keep looking, because I've got some more inspiration coming up in the next few days, promise!

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